Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sex Laws and One Love

If anyone cared what Dave Navarro had to say, he'd say that the latest development in Cambodia's Legal Affairs* was "Not Awesome". Tommy Lee would add that "It was sauteed in wrong sauce". For this week, Cambodia's National Assembly will consider passing a law which outlaws extramarital affairs. Under the proposed Monagamy Law, those caught going for it outside the confines of their marriage could be prosecuted, and do one year on the inside for their actions.

Obviously, the law will only apply to Funcinpec or Sam Rainsy MPs, but that's not the point. The point is that you can't make it illegal for consenting adults to have sex. Can you? Well, they did under the Khmer Rouge, and they continue to do it today in those odd middle-eastern places, but Jesus-damnit, Cambodia is a thriving, modern pluralist democracy now! And to throw in a furthermore, Cambodia is a thriving, modern pluralist democracy where the ménage a trois of arranged-way-too-early-marriages, female-virginity-as-everything, and brotherhood-of-brothel-hopping already share the daybed of sexual confusion. Well, now it seems that they need a policeman to stand silently beside the daybed, with billy-stick and hand-cuffs at the ready, just waiting for someone - anyone, to initiate.

I don't know, I guess the whole thing just seems a bit unnecessary when you consider Cambodia's other woes.

* If you hold your face to this computer monitor, and listen closely, you'll hear Cambodia's d
raft Anti-Corruption Law gathering dust.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Mad Cow

The Special Dried Salted Beef cow is as creepy as the last one (as well as having a blog with a higher readership than earthsmoltencore). Look into her eyes for about 15 seconds. Her features will start to move on the page, and you will feel yourself coming under her magical bovine spell. Soon, you'll feel restless, unable to concentrate on your budget spreadsheet, or breakthrough novel. You'll find yourself on a dusty Phnom Penh street, saying repeatedly "Special Dried Salted Beef.... Special Dried Salted Beef." You'll stop at nothing to get it. Nothing will get between you and the Special Dried Salted Beef. Nothing.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Mad Cow

This cow is the face of Dry Salted Beef Special Quality. Dry Salted Beef Special Quality, the best Cambodian money can buy. I've heard that the Dry Salted Beef Special Quality cow has a blog with a bigger readership than Earth's Molten Core.

Friday, August 11, 2006

For the Love of Toshi

Fuck my head hurts. I drank too many number 2s last night. And a number 5.

Two years ago... "
You gotta try Japanese Vodka. First time free. Me, like the drug dealer. First time free, second time pay. You try. TRY." We were younger then, we didn't know any better. Besides, everyone else was doing it.

Toshi's Kokoro Restaurant isn't really about the food (the great, homemade Japanese food). It isn't about the names of the dishes (Cocked Macklo or The Hamburg). It isn't really about the numbers 1 through 6. It is mostly about Toshi. He's Good People.

Last night, Toshi told us that he's getting married. He and the new missus were dancing in the kitchen, singing "I Love You" to each other. Meanwhile, we amused ourselves with a pretty thorough testing of numbers 1 through 5. They do all taste pretty much the same, although someone commented that number 5 was a bit spicy. Whatever. Today veins pound in my forehead and I feel like hell

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's a Montage...

This is what the English speaking world was thinking today. Random, single sentences from random, English-language blogs borrowed and hashed; a civilian global executive summary for August 8, 2006.

This is just my first try at a blog, so dont expect much...but do expect that i will bitch about every thing i do not like. I am a businessman and I struggle as a Christian, and I hope this blog will be a venue for all of us to support one another so that the word of God can be manifested to all that we meet in our business and corporate world. He illustrated very well what he was saying by using percolation of hexagonal cells. You know that I can't communicate to people very well? Do you even know my love for you? Had an awesome time at the gay bar! I asked my grandad where flint came from and he said it was made millions of years ago from sea sponges! Has a Die Off (of humans) started? Israeli people may be fighting Lebanese extremists, but it is American weapons which are trying to outdo their Iranian supplied counterparts. The unity of Allah is such that there is no reality and no true and permanent existence except His. I think i can post more than 10 blogs a day.

PS. I've always wanted a coonskin cap.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Caption Competition

This is a caption competition. Readers are supposed to think of wacky captions to accompany the photo. That way, it is not pornographic, or lewd, or wrong. It is a caption competiton.

M says:i want to change the way people think about the internet
C says:i want to THINK the way people CHANGE about the internet